Kitchen hand push vegetable cutter


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 Multi-functional Vegetable Fruits Tools

   Product Information:

  • Material:
    high quality PP

  • Function:
    5 in 1 

  • Application:
    vegetable & Fruits 

   Product Features:

  • Creative multi-functional vegetable fruits tools with 7 types of blades, perfect for masher, ricer, chopper, cutter ,shredder .slicer…

  • 2 molds for slicer and cube cutter, able you to get thin slice or thick slice, large and small cubes easily and quickly.

    Detachable vegetable container box, easy to wash after used. 
    Just change the blades and press for cutting different vegetables or fruits, very easy to operate, helps you cook better and faster, time and energy saving!

    Package includes: 1* 7 in 1 vegetable& fruits Gadget


Weight 0.71 kg
Dimensions 290 × 120 × 100 cm



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